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I-tech Suzuyo's product development

I-tech Suzuyo Co., Ltd. is a company realizing customers' "what if we have this", and taking great pleasure in "resolving customers' problems" via principally soybean products.
Along with the diversification of dietary culture as well as entering an era with high demand in soybeans as an alternative diet to meat, and due to the rapid advance of a super-ageing society, it is expected that securing laborers would be difficult and automatization would be inevitable.

In order to keep providing delicious tofu and soybean milk under any circumstances, as well as cherishing the passions for manufacturing,

we, I-tech Suzuyo Co., Ltd., will continue to make the best use of our experience and knowledge with our engineering spirit to promptly and politely provide "refined" solutions regardless of categories for the food industry.




In addition to fully utilizing the abundant experience in engineering food processing and manufacturing plants as well as the techniques in daily foods productions such as tofu and soybean milk, we tackle all kinds of food processing equipment.

  • Washing Machine For Brewer's Rice

    For customers who wish to produce high quality rice wine, this high performance rice washing machine is definitely recommended.

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  • 3 Phase (Solid, Gas, Liquid) Flow Jet Pump

    3 Phase Flow Jet Pump is a type of jet pump which introduces air into water jet nozzle (via natural suction), possible to transport solid bodies, for which the interior of the pipe contains a 3-phase-flow of solid, gas, and liquid.

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  • Tomato Processing Equipment

    I-tech Suzuyo is also highly competent in engineering equipment able to process and market local vegetables and fruits. We support the sextiary industry business.

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